Production controls: EC Marc
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Production controls: EC Marc

Manufacturers of natural stone building products must perform a number of checks on them in order to obtain the mandatory EC Mark. 

 The EC Mark requirements for a building product are defined in the ZA Annex of each harmonized standard.

The harmonized European standards are standards published by European standardization bodies and committees by mandate of the Commission.

For natural stone products, the harmonized European standards are currently as follows:

  • Tiles for outdoor paving (UNE-EN 1341)
  • Pavers for outdoor paving (UNE-EN 1342)
  • Curbs for outdoor paving (UNE-EN 1343)
  • Tiles for paving and stairs (UNE-EN 12058)
  • Platelets (UNE-EN 12057)
  • Plates for facades (UNE-EN 1469)
  • Parts for masonry (UNE-EN 771-6)

In general, the EC Mark for natural stone products requires the manufacturer to implement an auto-control system in the factory (FPC), which involves a number of activities, which are summarized as follows:

  • Size control of products as specified in the harmonized standard applicable to each product.
  • Checking the visual appearance of products as indicated in these standards.
  • Performing a number of material classification tests, specified in the ZA Annexes of the specific harmonized standards for each product.
  • Making a Declaration of Conformity of the product with the standard, which, in the case of natural stone, is made by the manufacturer under its own responsibility.
  • Labelling the products with the EC Mark.


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