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Natural stone plates for exterior facings are units obtained by cutting or shearing with a nominal thickness of over 12 mm that can reach large sizes of up to 2 m.

Façade cladding plates can be bonded to the substrate by mortars or adhesives or ventilated, with and air chamber, and fixed to the wall by mechanical clamps.

In the case of plates for bonding with mortars or adhesives, with regard to there geometric characteristics, they can be smaller than those attached mechanically since they are conditioned by their own weight. On the other hand, for plates for mechanical attachment, the possible plate formats, rectangular or square, are larger than in the previous case as they are conditioned, among other things, by the bearing capacity of the attachment chosen.

As for surface finishes, any of those existing on the market can be applied depending on the desired aesthetic appearance.   

The reference standards specifying the requirements to be met by the plates is as follows:

UNE-EN 1469: Natural stone. Plates for wall coverings. Requirements.

UNE 22203: Natural stone products. Cladding facades with natural stone.



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