The granite production process


Factory processing

The blocks are transported from the quarry to the processing plant, where they will undergo a procedure for manufacture of building products. Schematically, this can be summarized in the following steps:

First the blocks will go to the cutting machine area for subdivision into slabs. 
These blocks can be cut using wire, strip or disc machinery.

Block cutting using wire machinery

Block cutting using strip machinery

Block cutting using disc machinery
Blocks subdivided into slabs

Having made the slabs using one of the above techniques, they are then given the required surface finish.
Nowadays there are numerous surface finishes which, in addition, are continuously evolving.




Variable geometry bushes

Assortment of slabs

The slabs, with the final surface finish, are cut with disc machinery to produce the parts of the size requested by the client.
These pieces, once cut, are subject to control to verify the size tolerances, before palleting. 

Cut pieces

Size control before palleting

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