The granite production process



Mining activity varies according to the rock material to be extracted, although the vast majority of stone quarries for building are opencast.
Depending on the type of stone, broadly speaking, there are two quarry extraction systems: in Blocks and in Slabs.
A granite quarry can have several operating fronts in several areas, located at the same level or at different levels, usually staggered.
The first cut, or primary cut, can be made with machinery equipped with diamond wire or by means of holes, made with pneumatic machinery, which are then loaded with explosives.
The second cut is made to divide the primary blocks into secondary blocks and the secondary blocks into commercial blocks.
Once produced, the commercial blocks are transported to the companies where they will be made into building products.

Operating front of a granite quarry
Extraction with diamond wire cutting machinery

Hydraulic drill subdividing into commercial blocks
Transport of blocks

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